Medirent ICU set up at home is designed to meet the specific needs of each patient an invulnerable controlled environment with all the resources required for a patient’s care. Bringing the critical care hospital facility to home after a surgical procedure can be a boon to a patient. The comfortable and familiar surroundings can speed up the recovery process. It is also a fact that prolonged stay at hospital leads to huge medical bills and sheer discomfort of both the patient and caregiver.
Mechanical ventilation, i.e. intermittent positive pressure ventilation IPPV, may be a planned part of postoperative management for a major operation or decided on at the end of a surgery because circumstances demand it.
The decision to discharge a patient from the ICU depends on the quality of care to be found at HOME to which the patient will be transferred. Medirent offers the facility of bringing an ICU set up at the ease of one’s home.
Why ICU at home?
  • Cost-effective: The average cost of an ICU per day can fall anywhere between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 whereas, in comparison, a fully functional ICU setup at home will cost you around 2,000 to 5,000 per day. The difference in cost is huge.
  • Personalized Care: In a hospital, a nurse attends to 3-4 patients at a time whereas if there’s an ICU at home, you will get a critical care nurse at home, who’ll only be devoted to the patient 24/7.
  • SatisfactionIn a hospital ICU, you get to meet your loved one only once or twice a day, whereas, at home, you can be near them all the time to personally monitor their caretaking.
  • Home environment: It has been observed that patients tend to recover faster in the comforts of their home.
Equipment for the ICU What does it include?
  • Medical EquipmentAn ICU setup at home requires technologically advanced medical equipment. This equipment varies from patient to patient. Some of the most commonly used medical equipment includes Bi-PAPs, C-PAPs, Ventilators, IV stand, para monitor, oxygen cylinder, suction machine, alpha mattress, nebulizer, DVT pump etc.
  • Critical Care Nurse: The most significant member of the ICU team at home is the critical care nurse, who will take care of the patient’s daily medical needs like giving medicines, consulting the doctor, administering injections, checking daily progress and handling all medical equipment. An experienced critical care nurse makes a major difference in the recovery of a patient.
  • Bed Sore Management: Bedsores, if not paid attention to, can result in severe infection for the patient and hinder the recovery process.  Thus, proper bedsore management includes a change of dressing 2-3 times a day and the proper use of alpha mattress.
  • PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy helps to improve the mobility of the body. Medirent provides well-trained physiotherapists at your doorstep, as a part of the ICU setup at home.
An ICU set up at home does not necessarily need to have ventilators and other expensive machines. It might be at home where:
Measurements and observations are made at least every hour for the following:
  • ECG
  • Oxygen
  • Pulse rate
  • Oxygenation
  • Urine output
  • Blood pressure
  • Level of consciousness
  • IV infusions are kept running overnight
  • Other general observations of the patient through equipment and nursing/ attendant.
Having a family member in the ICU can be a very stressful time for stress can affect the body and mind. It is important to take care of oneself and as well as the patient. Meanwhile, basic needs should be remembered, for example, to stay well-hydrated, eat regular meals, and cut this to get plenty of rest.
For this, Medirent provides Nursing/Attendant services. Due to the portability and easy configuration of our ICU at home, high quality critically cares services can be provided on demand to critically ill patients at home.
Why Medirent?
  • All equipment undergoes thorough quality checks 
  • Sufficient inventory of equipment for backup in Medirent office
  • Experienced critical care nurses to take care of the patient at all times
  • Cost effective setup with technologically advanced modern equipment 
  • Nurses are constantly in touch with the doctors in Medirent office for supervision
  • The team of trained professionals with a proven track record of treating critically ill patients at home
Besides avoiding the risk of cross-infection, Medirent also provides the disinfection service at the patient’s home.
Our specialized services include:
  • Bedsore care
  • Critical care nutrition
  • Fluid management
  • Parenteral feeding
  • Care of bedridden
  • DVT prophylaxis
  • ICU Infrastructure
  • Equipment Rental or Sale
  • Wound care
  • Care of IV lines
  • Infusion
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Oxygen administration
  • Drain management
  • Care of patients on the mechanical ventilator