Berlin Questionnaire

Take a Free, 2 minute Sleep Apnea test and get report on your email. You may also avail doctor’s services at discounted rates*.

* Discount available on first consultation,


Follow the instructions Before Filling the form-

Step 1 :Just Click on “Berlin Questionnair” and fill out the form
Step 2 : After filling the form click on “Next” button. You will receive a report on your email id.
Step 3.: You may click on “Yes I want” button to avail the doctor services at your nearest area.
Step 4 :¬† After clicking the “Yest I want”, select area and click on “Search” button.
Step 5: Select the Doctor and book your appointment.
Step 6. You will receive confirmatory email for doctors appointments.

Note : Please visit the doctor along with report. Your reference number is key for taking the discount.