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Philips Oxygen Concentrator

MediRent offers a comprehensive solution to meet oxygen requirement at home with the help the of  Everflow, the Philips Oxygen Concentrator which is light weight, less noisy and doesn’t require frequent maintenance. Thus it ensures user friendly properties for both patients & caregivers.

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Stair chair

Medirent Stair Wheelchair is designed for almost all types of staircases. It is easy for ascending or descending on stairs and intended for straight and irregular staircases with minimal physical effort required. Due to its compact dimensions, it is easy to manoeuvre even on very narrow or winding staircases. With adjustable hand grips, variable speed mode (stepping and continuous), & light weight, Medirent stair wheelchair is an ideal option for providing patient transfer facility.

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Medirent Patient Lift

Medirent Patient Lift is a solution that offer a high of comfort and allow easy and smooth lift, to and from bed/chairs or other similar places. Medirent patient lift provides easy provide easy manoeuvrability and positioning while transferring the patient smooth lifting and high level of comfort.The optimization of space creates a reduction in risk of injury to both patient and caregivers.

High quality sling has been developed to ensure optimal fit,support for the patient and ease of application for the carer.

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