About Us

In the field of healthcare, we are giving people access to medical home health care services who haven’t experience it before. 

Medirent services has taken a revolutionary and innovative step by renting out expensive medical equipment for home use at affordable rentals.

Even though medical science can save the patient’s life but proper home care leads to a faster recovery. Care giving techniques often require hi-tech, expensive medical equipment. While many of these types of equipment can help in saving the life of critical patients as it happens, therefore most of these types of equipment are expensive and are generally needed for a few days or weeks, thus, curbing the need of buying them despite of their affordability. Taking this need of mankind into consideration, Medirent Services has emerged as a “Category definer” and has started renting out expensive medical equipment for home use at affordable rentals. All the equipment are also available for sale as per the need of patients and caregivers. Medirent also offers home care services like Nursing/Attendant services, Home-dressing services, Home-based sleep studies and Buyback option for used medical equipment.


With the mission to bring expensive care-giving and life-saving techniques within the common man’s reach.

Our endeavour is to induce more smiles and satisfaction to patients as well as their caregivers and family members.

Medirent services have a wide range of products which includes Patient Care Beds, Wheel Chairs, Air Mattress, Bed accessories, The Respiratory range like Oxygen Concentrators, Nebulizers, C-PAP/BI-PAP etc.

Moreover, Medirent’s Nursing Care Services are highly dedicated to understanding the needs of patient and caregivers to give them proper support so as to satisfy their needs and respond to their queries. It is consequently a boon when there is a lack of manpower at home for the supervision and management of an aged person or patient due to any reason.

Medical science has taken a big leap for the benefit of mankind. As a result, life expectancy has increased across the globe. However, this achievement cannot be attributed entirely to the developments in medical science, for they have been progressively complemented by advances in “care giving” techniques and equipment.

*Buyback option is available for selective equipment. For more details, consult Medirent Patient Counselling Dept.: 011-25 52 25 52.